8 Newtown Boulevard - AMENITIES

Building Facilities/Services:

  • 24-hour security service with controlled entry points
  • Automatic heat/smoke detection and fire sprinkler system for all units
  • Annunciator panel with emergency speaker at parking floors
  • Overhead tank and underground cistern for ample water supply
  • Standby power generator for selected areas

It’s pretty hard to just stay at home when everyone you know is having fun outdoors. Well, you won’t experience that situation when you live 8 Newton Boulevard. There are so many things to do here without having to spend a lot of money or lose your precious time travelling. All you need to do is set a whole day to enjoy various amenities this condominium development has in store for you.

Even though there are a lot of resorts around 8 Newton Boulevard, you won’t need to go far for a vacation experience you won’t forget. There’s a swimming pool complex located within the premises of this residential development to provide a relaxing and fun time for you. All you need to do is head on over to this complex and you can the whole day enjoying the horizon-edge pool. There’s also a lounge, sun deck, and a wading pool to complete this amenity for your benefit. 

Japanese influence plays a pivotal role in the overall design scheme of 8 Newton Boulevard. You’ll immediately notice it all around you here via the presence of a bonsai area, rock garden, and a koi pond. You’ll also discover a Japanese landscaped garden called Niwa here to afford you with a tranquil time whenever your worries get the better of you. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the use of Origami, Onsen, and Ikeba rooms to take your mind from stress and help you be at peace.

If ever you feel the need to celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones, 8 Newton Boulevard has you covered. You can gather your family or friends and enjoy their company in an outdoor dining area here. You can also use a pre-function area or multi-purpose rooms to be a venue for your celebration. With these amenities, you can have a safe space to make lasting memories with the people in your life.

Staying healthy should be a main priority in your residential life. To help you achieve this feat, 8 Newton Boulevard has included a fitness gym in its premises for your health goals. This amenity contains different kinds of exercise equipment and machines to help improve your body and health.

Rather than travel far for the things you need at home, you can easily get them here in this condominium development. 8 Newton Boulevard has a dedicated area in its ground floor for commercial establishments and retail stores to provide the supplies and services you need. Furthermore, your safety is also prioritized with the aid of a reliable security team. 8 Newton Boulevard has a 24-hour security service that monitors all entry points to prevent any kind of harm from falling upon you and your family.

Having a compelling reason to stay at home is easier here in 8 Newton Boulevard. Thanks to its wonderful amenities, you can be safe in the comfort of your own home and be entertained for any day of the week.

Outdoor Amenities:
  • Horizon-edge swimming pool
  • Wading pool
  • In-pool lounge
  • Sun deck
  • Spa
  • Pavilion
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Niwa (Japanese landscaped garden)
  • Bonsai garden
  • Rock garden
  • Koi pond
Indoor Amenities
  • Onsen rooms
  • Ikebana rooms
  • Origami rooms
  • Gym
  • Pre-function area
  • Multi-purpose/tea rooms
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